Can Dogs Get Addicted to CBD Treats

Can Dogs Get Addicted to CBD Treats?

Are you still uncertain whether to administer CBD treats to your dog from fear of addiction? We feel you. No one would want to see their pet addicted to a substance or a treat. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about CBD treats addicting your dog.

CBD treats cannot cause addiction in your dog, even if they come from the cannabis plant, because they lack tetrahydrocannabinol, which causes euphoric feelings. However, you must administer the right quantity of CBD treats to your dog to avoid addiction. This article explains CBD dog treats, what causes addiction, and answers the question can dogs get addicted to CBD treats?

What Is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring element in the hemp plant. CBD interacts with the dog's nervous system, muscles, and organs. The endocannabinoid system and the receptors regulate critical functioning like sleep, mood, appetite, memory, gut health, immune response, and temperature.

CBD boosts your dog's ECS by stimulating the dog's cannabinoid receptors. It is crucial when the ECS is functioning well for your dog's general health. All mammals have ECS and get the same boost from CBD, which is good for wellness. Humans do have ECS too.

A report by WHO (World Health Organization) stated that CBD is tolerated with an excellent safety status. Further, a dog does not build tolerance for CBD. Therefore, dogs are unlikely to develop a dependence on CBD physically. It is not addictive and carries no risks. These days many pet owners give their dogs CBD every day. No one has ever raised a complaint that the dog has overdosed.

CBD Dog Treats

In the same way, you may feel comfortable tossing snacks into your mouth from time to time; dogs also enjoy having treats outside their main meals. While there are numerous varieties of dog treats, CBD dog treats are currently gaining popularity due to their relevant benefits.

CBD treats are made from the hemp plant and contain no THC, the substance found in most other cannabis products, and is used to achieve euphoric feelings.

CBD treats for dogs continuously gain dog parents due to their relevant health benefits and ease of administration. CBD dog treats help your dog relax if it expresses stress or anxiety signs, help improve your dog's mobility by reducing joint stiffness and help reduce pain and inflammation in case of injury.

With all these benefits, dog parents are shifting from just dog treats to CBD dog treats. If you might be willing to join this trend but is still worried about whether these treats may cause addiction, read on and have your doubts settled.

Signs that your dog needs CBD oil treats

If you suspect your pet may benefit from CBD oil, talk to your veterinarian about how best to administer it. Look for these symptoms that indicate your pet could benefit from CBD oil:

Signs of Nausea

Dogs with occasional stomach upsets can benefit from CBD oil.

Behavioral change

Dogs that have become anti-social, aggressive, or lethargic may be experiencing some environmental-related stress or other issues where CBD oil can help them.

Mood issues

If your dog chews through the floor whenever you leave the house, you might have a dog suffering from circumstantial stress. While CBD oil can ease anxiety in dogs, it won't necessarily make them happy. If your dog is anxious because they think something terrible is about to happen, CBD oil could worsen its situation.

Discomfort/Mobility issues

Dogs with mobility challenges can benefit from the soothing effects of CBD oil.

How Do CBD Dog Treats work within my Dog's Body?

CBD treats are processed by your dog's endocannabinoid (ECS) system, which supports balance and body processes regulations. The ECS system also controls immunity, organ function, and the vascular system.

Due to the ability to control many body processes, the ECS is considered a crucial system in your dog. CBD treats to enhance the endocannabinoid system and contribute to your dog's full body functionality.

The ECS system is also evident in the human body, explaining why we experience almost the same benefits of CBD oil as dogs. Unlike other products from the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD products do not contain the addiction-causing substance called tetrahydrocannabinol.

What Causes Addiction?

Addiction is characterized by dependency behaviors towards a substance or a product due to the pleasure it offers the body. It is the continuous craving for a substance, loss of body control, and continual use of the same product regardless of its harsh side effects.

Most people confuse CBD products with other products obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The difference between these two is CBD products do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, which is known to cause psychoactive feelings in users.

For this, CBD products cannot cause addiction in humans or dogs. However, people who expose their pets to marijuana to offer medical benefits from cannabidiol may cause their pets to develop an addiction.

The Difference between Addiction and Overdose

Addiction and overdose may appear confusing to some as they are closely related. For an addiction to occur, excessive or regular use of the product must occur and so does an overdose. The main difference is in the CBD dog treats' language; there is nothing like addiction since this does not happen.

However, sometimes, your dog might take too many CBD treats, resulting in an overdose. I know the word overdose carries much weight and what might linger in your mind by its mention are major complications or, in extreme cases, death.

Well, the tension is not necessary. Although overdose can happen from CBD products, this overdose cannot cause severe effects on your dog.

CBD overdose does not cause harm to your dog as the dog's body will only absorb the required amounts of this product and turn the rest into waste. The only signs you may witness are vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, and itching.

You may also notice that your canine friend seems sleepier than on normal days. In such cases, give them plenty of water to flush the excess levels of CBD out of the dog's body, and your dog will get back well after a few hours. Note you may not need to visit your veterinarian unless these signs persist for a few days.

Can Dogs Get Addicted to CBD Treats?

So far, you understand that there is no such thing as addiction when using CBD products for your dog. Since CBD treats come in different flavors, what your dog might do is show a preference for certain flavors over others.

This means that a dog may seem over-excited to enjoy their poultry treats more than the ones with a beef taste or vice versa. This does not mean your dog is addicted to poultry CBD treats.

It is the same way you may prefer beef to pork or vice versa. It does not mean you may be addicted, but it only shows you love the taste of beef more than the beef.

With this, you may wonder whether giving your dog CBD treats daily is healthy for them. The answer is yes. In fact, please give them the same amounts of CBD treats as indicated based on their age, size, or weight daily to allow the substance to accumulate in your dog's body for better performance.

Offering CBD treats daily also acts as convenient rewards for training, creates a bond between you and them, and delivers essential wellness and nutritional supplements.

Choosing your Products Carefully

Due to the vast growth in the demand for CBD products for pets, there are so many sellers in the market, which might confuse which seller to settle with. As a pet parent, I understand how much you desire to give your dog the best health benefits without affecting its system or making them addicted.

The market is crowded and you may find products with THC resulting in addiction for your dog. To avoid this, consider the following tips when choosing the best CBD products for your dog.

Look for CBD treats that are 100% natural without extra additives

CBD treats that are entirely natural means they contain fewer chemicals, reducing the chances of addiction. At Honest Paws, our CBD oils and treats are 100% natural as they are from Organic Full Spectrum.

Look out for THC-free CBD treats

THC is a substance commonly known for causing human psychoactive feelings. Despite coming from the same plant, the two are different substances and CBD products do not have THC in them. Honest Paws CBD treats assure you of no THC in their products and you can rest assured of no addiction to your dog.

Purchase CBD treats with clear instructions on use, benefit, and flavor

 purchasing a product without proper instructions may result in poor use and this case, overdose. Consider buying CBD treats with clear instructions on how to use them to prevent overdose. Depending on your dog's favorite taste, information on flavor is also crucial to help you decide which CBD treat to buy.

At Honest Paws, all our CBD treats are well-labeled. They include information on how they may help your dog, such as improving mobility, relieving pain, improving the immune system, and increasing calmness in high-anxiety dogs.

Why Should You give CBD to Your dogs?

CBD has plenty of short and long-term health benefits when you feed them to your dogs, especially when it is suffering from pain, anxiety, or discomfort. You may consider CBD oil to help relieve pain and let the symptoms go away.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from hemp plants, a perfect treatment for physical and psychological issues in humans as well as pets. Here are a few benefits when a dog consumes CBD oil:

1. Helps with Anxiousness

It is usual for dogs to experience anxiety or stress, just like humans. Of various drugs for anxiety, consider CBD the best for it has no side effects. CBD produces serotonin, a compound that stabilizes your dog's moods; the CBD interacts with ECS (The endocannabinoid System).

When the dog's attitude is stabilized, the dog is relieved from nervousness. CBD works faster when injected by mouth. After about 20 minutes, you will see changes in your dog. But it works well when given over a long time. CBD is also beneficial for dogs that are prone to stress.

CBD can go a long way to help you calm down an anxious dog if it contains. When you feed your dog with CBD and make it exercise consistently, its anxiety will reduce. CBD reduces stress and anxiety by regulating serotonin, a hormone for moods, social behavior, sleep, appetite, and digestion.

2. Joint Pain and Arthritis relief

Dogs can also develop chronic joint inflation, just like human beings. Dogs can have deterioration which causes pain. Few dogs can cope with the pain and unease caused by joint pain.

With the help of derived hemp plants, our CBD products can release stiffness, joint pain, discomfort, and movement-related issues to arthritis and other problems. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory oil from a hemp plant with no side effects. CBD also combines with the brain receptors, stimulating the immune system to reduce inflammation.

3. For Skin Health

Some puppies suffer from allergies, rashes, or dry skin, especially when rolling down. Severe scratches can cause deterioration and microdermabrasion of the dog's skin. CBD reduces skin inflammation by helping your canine pet from scratching the skin, which can worsen itching.

It would help if you considered visiting the veterinarian when your dog scratches more intensely and when it develops a rash or an infection. The CBD worked for even those with resistance to seizure drugs in humans.

When CBD binds with the nervous and immune system receptors, the body may produce more cannabinoids, which help reduce inflammation and ease the skin's pain.

4. For Sleeping Sickness

Many vets use the antiepileptic drug to treat seizures and epilepsy. Some medications can harm the liver and other dogs' organs. You can consider these drugs extremely dangerous to your dog.

Instead of these harmful drugs, it's recommended to use Honest Paws CBD Oil since it doesn't have side effects. A high ratio of dogs treated with CBD had a reduction in seizures.

Recurring seizures caused by epilepsy are common among dogs. Recent clinical tests show that CBD oil can help in reducing sleeping sickness. CBD has anticonvulsant components that are good in reducing seizure frequency in dogs.

5. Noise Phobia Treatment

Some dogs get nervous around the sound of a crackling fire. Some sounds may also be caused by cranes or works near construction sites. CBD oil can be a good solution for reducing nervousness in dogs. CBD will interact with the receptors of your dog's brain, which help calm down the anxiety of your puppy.

6. For Heart Condition

Besides reducing short-term nervousness, it also relieves long-term anxiety that can cause blood pressure or any conditions related to the heart. CBD is a good treat for keeping the dog in good shape as far as homeostasis and body balance are concerned. CBD can prevent your puppy's age-related heart issues.

7. Relieves Nausea and Increases appetite

Reducing and relieving pain is one of the benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil works well for dog issues such as nausea and other underlying conditions. This product mainly works by reducing the total blood pressure of the dog. Honest Paws offers quality CBD oil products for your dogs. You can also reach us for expert advice.

8. Reducing Allergies

Allergic reactions are prone to dogs just the same way as in humans. Allergies are common in dogs and treating them may be difficult. Skin conditions are some general signs of allergy that will make you regularly visit the veterinary. Most allergic reactions come from different natural factors in the environment.

The endocannabinoid system is also in the skin, which is good news for dogs. CBD oil comes in to reduce allergic responses despite the location or setting of the dog. CBD increases the immune system of a dog.

It reduces the allergic signs in your dog's body, which tries to defend itself. CBD can help relieve itchy and dry skin by promoting the growth of new healthy skin cells.

9. Reduces Cancer Pain

It is so bad that most old dogs will get cancer, a very challenging condition for a dog. The Vets and dog parents look forward to treating and relieving pain. CBD is a cancer-fighting substance.

CBD slows down cancer-growing cells, as shown by the study on mice.CBD boosts a dog's immune by stimulating killer cells that destroy cancer cells.

Although it is not proven that CBD can cure cancer, it helps to treat and reduce the symptoms of the disease. CBD is excellent for the secondary treatment of cancer and its related pain and discomfort or a dog undergoing other therapies.

10. Help With Sleep

If your dog is sleeping for a long time or stays for a long time without sleeping, CBD can be a perfect solution for solving your dog's sleeping problem. For those dogs with pain, sickness, anxiety, or any illness problems, you can give them a few drops of CBD to help you solve the listed issues.

As mentioned earlier, CBD governs the serotine, keeps the body at ease, and encourages general wellness. CBD will ensure your dog sleeps through when it is in a specific condition.

What You Should Know About CBD

CBD is a naturally occurring substance found in the hemp plant. CBD oil comes from the hemp plant and has a meager amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is a compound that causes the psychoactive feeling of cannabis.

To sell the hemp plant legally, it must have 0.3% THC. Your dog will enjoy calming without getting high when you treat it with CBD. The dog will feel relieved from pain, anxiety, and immune-boosting support from CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD treats contain THC?

No. CBD treats do not contain THC like other products from the Cannabis Sativa plant. THC is a substance commonly known for causing euphoric feelings in humans. The lack of this substance is why CBD products do not cause addiction.

Are there any interactions with other medicines? What about long-term effects?

CBD is an inhibitor (inhibits) of cytochrome P4501A2 (CYP1A2) and can potentially influence the metabolism of other medications. Although this appears to be of little clinical importance in most cases, it may be significant when CBD is administered in conjunction with other medications.

Because pets often receive multiple medications simultaneously, doses of other anti-convulsive agents may need to be adjusted accordingly. Owners should discuss the issue of CBD administration with their veterinarian before initiating treatment.

Remember that owners can discontinue any medication on their own if they believe that CBD is controlling their animal's seizures.

Can I give CBD treats to my dog daily?

Yes. You may give your dog CBD treats daily. It is advised that you give your dog the same amount of CBD oil daily for a maximum accumulation of the beneficial substance in your dog's body.

Can I administer a CBD treat to my dog every day?

CBD oil can be given to your dog once per day, with some dogs benefitting from multiple daily doses. Dogs should receive an additional dose every 8–12 hours, as needed.

While CBD is usually considered safe for humans, it can interact negatively with certain medications. Always consult your doctor before taking any new supplements, including CBD.

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