CBD Dog Treats Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

CBD Dog Treats: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects


Cannabidiol products are slowly but steadily garnering popularity for both pets and humans. With this growing popularity, veterinarians and dog and cat parents are wondering if it could be a solution to several pet health problems. While ongoing research looks promising, engaging a vet with some background information about CBD and hemp drops is best if you want to introduce your pet to them.

This article for dog owners divulges more about CBD and discusses its uses, benefits, and potential side effects. It also answers some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD dog treats.

Reasons of Potential CBD Side Effects on Pets

While CBD has many benefits, it also poses side effects to your pet, especially if administered in excess. Here are some of its side effects that pet owners need to know about.

In some rare cases, pets may feel slight dizziness

In a very case, you might notice that your pet is experiencing difficulties with normal coordinating. If this happens, it may mean that the CBD treat was contaminated with TCH–the cannabis substance that causes intoxication. This is why experts emphasize the importance of third-party lab reports every time you purchase CBD so you can ascertain its purity. This is not the case with Honest Paws!

What is CBD Treatment for Pets?

CBD for pets is cannabis plant comprises two active ingredients–Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH). TCH is the substance that gets you ‘high’ when you use marijuana. On the contrary, CBD does not give you a ‘high’. Instead, studies reveal that it comes with a load of health benefits.

As expected, there are restrictions on buying CBD products. These restrictions are different for different states. However, most people in the US can easily obtain these items online and over the counter.

Cannabidiol acts on the human and animal endocannabinoid system (ECS). This communication system in the body and brain influences several crucial functions, including a pet's movement, reaction, and feel of a pet. It can be extracted and used in oils, chews, and bites to assist in providing relaxation, calming, and even osteoarthritis pain relief for pets.

What Health Problems Does CBD Treat?

 What Health Problems Does CBD Treat

Here are some pet conditions that CBD dog treats can help with:

#1 Joints and Pains

Once taken by a dog or cat, CBD lowers inflammation and relieves pain. While it isn’t clear how CBD achieves this, experts argue that the compound influences the ECS and other nerves responsible for pain sensations. More specifically, research indicates that a reduction in joint inflammation helps relieve arthritis pain and aches in pets.

#2 Anxiety and mood

Like human beings, pets, too, experience anxiety which could result in problematic behaviours such as inappropriate urination. CBD treats help ease nervousness and provides calm. Experts attribute this to the fact that CBD and serotonin–the hormone that makes you feel relaxed and happy–may both stimulate similar brain regions. You dog may be not eating their usual diet because of loss of appetite. The impact of anxiety may be what's effecting your dog's appetitie

#3 Seizures

Dogs with epilepsy have been proven to benefit from the impact of CBD treats. When taken with conventional anti-seizure drugs, they lessen the frequency of seizures. Experts believe that CBD prevents the brain nerves from firing too much and reduces the number of electrolytes that play a crucial role in seizure conditions.

How Do Pets React to CBD?

There is a need for more research to be conducted to make a thorough comparison between different pets’ endocannabinoid systems and how this system reacts to CBD. A pet's body has two primary cannabinoid receptors–CB1 and CB2.these receptors are essential in balancing and regulating a pet’s central nervous and immune systems. This could ultimately influence pain,

According to scientific data, dogs have the largest concentration of CB1 receptors in their brains when compared to other species. In contrast, cats absorb less CBD and eliminate it more quickly. For this reason, they may need to be dosed more frequently to maintain the appropriate CBD levels.

You shouldn't anticipate the same outcomes from utilizing CBD dog treats because every pet is unique. If you are concerned about your pet's reaction to a particular product, let your vet know.

What Is the Recommended CBD Dosage?

Whether you are using CBD dog treats for anxiety management or pain relief, the correct CBD dose for your pet may vary from one situation to another. Therefore, it is advisable to experiment to establish the right amount of CBD and how often. For your dog, you can start with 2mg of CBD for every 4.5 kg of its weight. For cats, 3 mg of CBD for the same weight is a good place to start.

8 Benefits of CBD Dog Treats for Dogs and Cats

Research on CBD products is still scanty. However, CBD treats have the proven benefits:

#1 Reduction in inflammation such as dermatitis and hypersensitivity

Reduction in inflammation: Some research suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory effects and may be useful in reducing inflammation in dogs. 

#2 Pain reduction

Pain reduction: CBD may have pain-relieving effects and may be useful in reducing pain in dogs with conditions such as arthritis, cancer, and neuropathic pain. 

#3 Reduction in convulsions and seizures

Reduction in convulsions and seizures: CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of seizures in dogs with certain types of epilepsy. It may also be useful in reducing convulsions and seizures caused by other conditions.

#4 Immune system support

Immune system support: Some research suggests that CBD may have immune-supporting effects and may be useful in conditions such as autoimmune disorders and inflammation in dogs.

#5 Improvement in the nervous system

Improvement in the nervous system: CBD may have neuroprotective effects and may be useful in conditions such as anxiety, depression, and addiction in dogs.

#6 Improvement in the cardiovascular system

Improvement in the cardiovascular system: Some research suggests that CBD may have positive effects on the cardiovascular system in dogs, such as reducing blood pressure and improving circulation.

#7 Anxiety reduction

Anxiety reduction: CBD may have anxiety-reducing effects and may be useful in reducing anxiety in dogs with conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, and phobias.

#8 Gastrointestinal digestive support

Gastrointestinal support: Some research suggests that CBD may have digestive-supporting effects and may be useful in conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and nausea in dogs.

Understanding the benefits of CBD Products for Pets

As a pet parent, you will likely come across a wide array of CBD products on the market. You'll find that each of them contains unique ingredients and is tailored to serve a specific function. Here are common CBD product types you ought to be familiar with:

#1 Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil for pets such as Well comprises an extract suspended in carrier oil. Coconut oil is the most commonly used oil, but you can explore other options. The major perk of using CBD oil products is that they are administered to pets using a callibrated dropper. This way, you can accurately dose your pet without worrying about overdosing. Besides, oil can be absorbed more quickly as it is administered in your pet’s mouth or under their tongue.

#2 Benefits of CBD Bites and Chews

If your pet enjoys taking treats, consider getting them CBD bites and chews. They are the same as CBD oils, only that the final oil product is injected into a treat or chew. CBD bites and chews are easier to administer owing to their tastiness, which appeals to pets. On the downside, it isn't easy to adjust the dose.

#3 Benefits of CBD Tropical Products

Another way to administer cannabidiol is by applying it directly to your pet’s skin. CBD tropical products like Clean Dog Bundle help eliminate aches and skin blemishes. This application approach is practical, given that a pet’s skin has cannabinoid receptors. While applying the product, ensure you use it on a hairless area and keep your pet distracted for about 45 minutes to ensure it doesn't lick the application site.

#4 Benefits of CBD Pills and Capsules

Capsules are similar to CBD oils in every way, with the only exception being that the final oil product is housed in a gel capsule. This is a great place to start if your pet is a picky eater.

Also, you might consider this option when traveling as the capsules are easy to carry around and less messy. However, just like CBD bites and chews, it is hard to adjust the dosage for your pet.

Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum Products: What Is the Difference

When searching for the right product for your dog or cat, always look for the terms “broad spectrum” and “full spectrum” on labels. They offer insight into the contents of the products.

CBD broad-spectrum products are obtained from the hemp plant. They have all the compounds of the hemp plant except THC. Full-spectrum products, on the other hand, comprise all compounds found in the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

How to Discuss CBD With Your Vet

if your pet has arthritis, anxiety, or any other medical condition, and you believe CBD pet products could help, it is essential to discuss with your dentist to look at your options. Here are some elements to consider in your discussion.

Understand the Laws of Your State

As aforementioned, state regulations on CBD products vary. For instance, some states allow vets to discuss cannabis, but they are prohibited from recommending, administering, dispensing, or prescribing it.

Be Honest

At the start of your conversation, let your veterinarian know if you are familiar with some CBD products and why you are considering starting your dog or pet on CBD products. If you've already begun administering a product to your pet, this is the perfect time to divulge this. It’d also help if you brought the product for the vet’s evaluation.

Share Resources

In most states, it is not in your vet’s place to initiate conversations around CBD products for your pet. Therefore, the decision to start giving your pet CBD products solely rests on you. You might just need to share information and resources with your veterinarian.

Choosing the Best CBD Product for Your Dog or Cat

Besides having a chat with your vet, here are some tips to help you select the best CBD product for your pet.

Understand Their Needs

Your product choice largely depends on your pet’s general health and wellness needs. Typically, people choose CBD products to help with their pets' seizures, pain, anxiety, and other conditions.

Consult Others

If one of your friends or family members has successfully used CBD products for their pets, you might benefit from a talk with them. Ask them about their pets’ symptoms and the products that worked and didn’t work for them. Additionally, you could search for the products online and read the reviews.

Conduct Thorough Company Research

CBD product manufacturers aren’t equal. Therefore, before settling for a product, ensure you research the company and the processes involved in its production. Also, find out how they source their ingredients. Go for brands that are open about their testing policies and are endorsed by vets.

Final Thoughts

Scientific research indicates that CBD could help treat pets' anxiety, arthritis, and seizures, among other health conditions. Although further research is needed to prove this, pet parents can attest that CBD products will significantly benefit your pet.

However, before administering these products to your pet, ensure you discuss them with your veterinarian to receive advice on how to go about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and Marijuana?

Although they both come from the Cannabis sativa plant and both contain CBD, the key distinction between marijuana and hemp is how much THC is present in each. The percentage of THC in hemp is below 0.3, but in marijuana, it is higher than 0.3.

Can Pets Get Intoxicated by CBD?

No, your pet cannot get high on CBD dog treats. This is because, unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating. However, the compound influences pets' brain activity leading to benefits such as anxiety and stress reduction in cats and dogs.

Is CBD safe for Pets?

Yes, according to research conducted in recent years, CBD products are safe for use in cats and dogs. Even under high CBD dosages, pets haven't been reported to experience adverse effects.

From CBD oils and tropical products to chews and bites, everyone can always find something for their furry friends at our store. At Honest Paws, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of your pets all year long.

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