Does cat CBD oil work for cat anxiety

Does Cat CBD oil Work for Cat Anxiety?

Like dogs, cats also experience anxiety for reasons such as moving to a new environment, adjusting to new people in the house, or separating from their owners when they leave for work or a vacation.

While it is normal for kitties to experience this nervousness, it may cause an alarm when your cat develops aggressive behavior and restlessness.

In such cases, most cat owners rely on CBD oil for cats as it helps them relax, increases their sleep, and reduce stress resulting in a more relaxed experience. I know you may be wondering what CBD oil for cats is or whether this oil is addictive or not.

In this article, we answer most of those questions, explain anxiety in cats, discuss CBD oil for cats and explain how this oil will help your high-anxiety cat

Cat Anxiety

Since anxiety entails the anticipation of danger or a threat, your cat may sometimes feel threatened even in the absence of an actual threat, leading to cat anxiety. Cat anxiety may manifest itself by causing restlessness and physical signs such as increased breathing and heart rates, panting, trembling, hiding, excessive vocalization and salivation.

As a pet parent, these are not the best behaviors to observe in your favorite kitty. Understanding some of the common causes of anxiety may help you prevent or identify cat anxiety signs early enough before they become permanent aggressive behaviors.

Causes of Cat Anxiety

Without understanding the main causes of a problem, it becomes challenging to fix or prevent it from reoccurring. Understanding what triggers your cat's anxiety may help you prevent your cat's nervousness in the future. Cat anxiety mainly results from the following:

1. Past trauma

Pets experience trauma, too, as humans do. If your cat is adopted or has had to endure a rough life, there are chances that something may trigger them and remind them of their fears or traumas.

This explains why a particular sound, such as a loud bang, may scare away your cat or make them feel uncomfortable and anxious. There is a high chance that the cat relates the loud bang to some past traumatic experiences, explaining why they may end up nervous.

2. Separation anxiety

Although cats are independent and self-sufficient, the bond they create with their owners can become very deep. Separation anxiety may arise in your cat when you leave them behind, especially for long periods.

3. Changes in the environment

Like humans, cats feel safe and cozy when living in a familiar setting. Whenever this changes, your cat may express anxiety signs. In the same way you may feel like moving to a new neighborhood with new people and ways of life, cats also feel uncomfortable, anxious, and afraid before adjusting.

4. Sickness

Sickness may also result in cat anxiety. Unlike humans, who may understand why their bodies feel weak when sick, cats do not know why their bodies feel weak, and this lack of understanding may result in increased nervousness. Also, some illnesses, such as stiff joints and arthritis, irritate cats and may increase cat anxiety.

How to Help Reduce Your Cat’s Anxiety

Parents may not find peace when their children suffer, which also applies to pet parents. Watching your pet feel restless is not pleasing and pushes you to solve the irritable underlying problems. Below are proven tips to calm your cat down when expressing anxiety.

1. Offer comfort

When in distress, we all appreciate a little comfort from the people we love and connect with most. You remain the closest person to your cat, and when anxious, your simple comforting acts may help relieve them of the pressure that may cause anxiety.

Comforting your cat is not rewarding the fearful behavior as most people believe. It is a sign that you love your cat and wish to see them recover from this bad feeling.

2. Avoid punishments

I know discipline is as paramount in pets as in humans. However, avoid punishing your cat for behaviors resulting from trauma, fear or phobia responses, as they will only worsen the response. The cat may become aggressive to you when you punish them during their anxious moments.

3. Set them free

In this case, setting your cat free means avoiding confiding them in one place. One way to deal with anxiety in humans is by taking walks or interacting with others. The same case applies to cats.

They may need to walk, take breaks or interact with familiar cats and confiding them in one place will result in more harm than good. For example, confiding your anxious cat into a carrier will only worsen their anxiety.

4. Administering CBD Oil for cats

CBD oil for cats is gaining popularity, given its ability to cool down pet anxiety without causing any side effects. We can all agree that having a substance that helps relieve your pet from discomfort without causing any adverse side effects is a day savior.

If you may be wondering what CBD oil for cats is and how it may help relieve anxiety in your cat, below is a comprehensive guide that will help answer all your questions on CBD oil for cats and direct you to the best place you can get this oil.

What is CBD Oil for Cats?

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids produced from the cannabis plant. This oil interacts with receptors in the body to create health benefits such as relaxation, reducing inflammation, and boosting your cat's immunity.

CBD oil for cats is derived from industrial hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC, a component that results in psychoactive effects in other cannabis products. With this low concentration of THC, you do not need to worry about your cat becoming high or addicted to CBD oil for cats.

The most common CBD oil to help your cat attain calmness, boost your cat’s immune system, and promote strong bones is known as Well CBD oil for cats, available at Honest Paws.

Does Cat CBD Oil Work For Cat Anxiety?

Yes. CBD oil for cats helps reduce anxiety and other underlying conditions that may result in anxiety. To help your cat overcome past trauma, cope with you leaving them for a while, reduce illnesses that may cause discomfort and help them adjust swiftly to that new neighborhood, consider using CBD oils for cats.

The best part about this is that this oil is readily available and could be delivered to you as soon as possible if you contact Honest Paws for purchase and delivery arrangements.

You might still wonder how oil can help relieve pain and inflammation and comfort your cat when anxiety clicks. This part helps you understand how the CBD oil constituents interact with your cat’s body systems to result in relaxation.

Majorly, CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body to create health benefits. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for different operations in any mammal’s body, including stress, anxiety, appetite, fear, and immunity.

This system also helps control the nervous system, explaining why CBD oils directly impact how your cat perceives stressful situations by reducing the stress impact in them. Cannabinoids from CBD oil interact with cannabinoids from the endocannabinoid system, enabling it to perform its activities better.

Finding the Best Cat CBD Oil for Your Cat’s Anxiety

Whether you are a first-time pet parent or have been on this parenting journey for a long time, you want to give your pet the best treatment in the market, one that solves the problem and leaves your pet with no side effects.

With the increase in different online and offline sellers, it may be confusing for you to settle for the right CBD oil for your cat. To help make work easier for you, Honest Paws offers you a detailed explanation of their products, prices, and instructions on how to use them, and it also offers an opportunity for delivery.

At Honest Paws, you do not have to worry about the cat CBD oil's THC concentration or any side effects that may follow. This is because Honest Paw’s Well CBD oil for cats is from organic full-spectrum hemp with less than 0.3% THC concentration.

The other primary reason why considering Honest Paws products may turn out to be the best decision you ever made for your cat is that you may find more than five significant benefits from a single CBD oil.

The Well CBD oil for cats, for instance, can relieve your cat’s anxiety, boost their immune system, enhance bone and joint health, boost the cognitive system, combat stress, and enhance your skin’s strength to overcome seasonal allergies.

I know you would not mind-enhancing all these in your cat, even though the main intention of purchasing the oil is to help your cat overcome anxiety. To enjoy all this, consider visiting the Honest Paw website for quality CBD oils for your cat and quick delivery services.

The Right Amount of CBD Oil For a Cat with Anxiety

Understanding how much CBD oil will work for your cat's anxiety can be challenging, especially if this is your first time purchasing this product. The first step to understanding the right CBD amount to give your cat is to read the instructions on the oil package.

CBD oil for cats has clear instructions on how to administer CBD oil for your cat, depending on their size and age. It also has a calibrated dropper that will make it easy to measure the right amount of CBD oil to offer your cat. The dropper also makes it easy to give your cat CBD oil by preventing spillages.

Note it may take time, in most cases around an hour, for the CBD oil to start working in your cat. For this, give ample time to your cat before looking out for signs that the oil has started working. If an hour goes by without any changes, you may administer another dose, but ensure you do not exceed the upper dosing recommendation.

Although CBD oil for cats cannot cause addiction, overdosing on your cat may cause drowsiness or excessive sleep, which may not make the situation any better. To achieve continuous relief, consider offering CBD oil to your cat daily.

On top of helping your cat relax, continuous CBD oil administration will help enhance your cat’s immunity and cognitive system, strengthen their joints and improve their mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can CBD oil for cats cause addiction?

The answer is no. CBD oil for cats cannot cause addiction in your cat. This is because addiction results from a chemical known as tetrahydrocannabinol that is present in other cannabis sativa substances but is absent in CBD products.

With less than 0.3% concentration of THC, CBD oil for cats cannot cause addiction. You can comfortably offer CBD oil to your cat daily without worrying about addiction in your cat.

2. How does CBD oil for cats relieve anxiety in cats?

CBD oil for cats interacts with their endocannabinoid system. This system controls major activities in the body, such as stress and anxiety levels, sleep, and the nervous and immune systems, among other major body functions.

By interacting with the cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil for cats results in relaxation, reduced inflammation and pain, and low-stress levels. CBD oil for cats also boosts your cat's immune system, protecting them from illnesses, which are also major reasons for anxiety in cats.

3. What are the main reasons for cats' anxiety?

Like dogs and humans, cats also experience anxiety, especially from past traumas. This is most common in adopted cats, who may have been exposed to extreme life conditions, resulting in undying trauma, which may get triggered by different factors.

Cats also suffer anxiety from separating from their owner. Another cause is irritation from illnesses, pain, and inflammation. Consider offering them comfort, showing them love and avoiding punishing them. Also, consider giving them CBD oil to help relieve stress and anxiety.

4. What kind of CBD oil would be best for my anxious cat?

Getting the right place to purchase CBD oil for your cat can be challenging, especially if this is your first time. Honest Paws has got you covered. Here, we assure you of 100% original CBD oil obtained from the hemp plant, so you will not have to worry about addiction.

Our Cat CBD oil is also multipurpose as it will help relieve pain and inflammation, strengthen your cat's bones, and reduce stress and anxiety, among other benefits (See CBD supps for cats here).

Honest Paws offers the best CBD products to improve cats' overall health and wellness. Please browse our store to find out what products we offer. If you have any concerns or questions regarding a particular product, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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