Does CBD Oil Help Dogs With Ear Infections

Does CBD Oil Help Dogs With Ear Infections?

Yes, CBD oil may help with your dog's ear infection. This may help relieve your dog's ear pain.

No matter the breed, dog infections happen regularly and might result in inflammation and pain. Like humans, pain robs your dog's comfort and may cause them to appear weaker or inactive, affecting that passionate relationship you share with them at home. As a pet parent, I understand that you may be looking for the best and effects-free methods to heal your dog.

Whether you have one or more dogs or are just starting this pet parenting journey, offering CBD oil is a reliable solution to curing your dog's ear infection. This article provides more information on ear infections in dogs, what CBD oil for Dogs is, how to administer these oils and the reliable types of CBD oils to heal ear infections.

Infections in Dogs' Ears

Dog infections are a common problem among most dogs, especially in breeds that have floppy ears. Mainly, if an ear infection starts in one ear, it can quickly spread to the other one. Ear infections can also spread deeper into the ear canal, causing hearing problems, nerve damage and equilibrium issues (you can read more about official research here). To prevent spreading, consider regularly checking on your dog to ensure they have no signs of ear infection. These are the common symptoms to look out for:

  • Pain
  • Itchiness
  • Aggressive scratching or fast rubbing of the ear against rough objects
  • Head shaking
  • Reluctance to chew
  • Redness and swelling on the infected area
  • Odor
  • Dark ear discharge
  • Loss of balance

Note that a dog infection is only a sign of another underlying condition that might cause more harm if left untreated and lead to a miserable dog. Visit your veterinarian as soon as you notice some of these symptoms, even if they are beginning. Your veterinarian may thoroughly examine the infection's root causes and check the dog for deformities in the ear or unusual tissue growth that may result in ear infections.

What are the primary causes of infections in Dog Ears?

Unlike the human ear, the dog ear has a long ear canal with both horizontal and vertical components. These features make it easier for the ear to trap debris and moisture, which might result in ear infections. However, debris and moisture are not the only causes of ear infections in dogs.

An underlying condition may also limit the regular operation of the ear's protective cover, allowing bacteria to crawl in and cause an infection. Some of the underlying conditions that are likely to cause ear infections in dogs include;

  • Food allergies
  • Foreign objects in the ear
  • Excessive moisture from baths or swimming
  • Environmental allergies
  • Trauma to the ear
  • Parasites like ear mites

How to Help Dogs with Ear Infections

It is sickening to watch your canine companion turn from that firm and active self to a miserable new form resulting from ear infections.

You should seek medical attention in such cases, as it may prove impossible for infections to disappear. Most ear infections take around 1 to 2 weeks to heal after treatment for uncomplicated infections, while it may take months for severe infections.

To help with pain and inflammation at home during this healing process, you may make the environment comfortable for your dog, engage them to ensure they feel relaxed and cool, and use products such as CBD oils to help relieve pain and inflammation.

What are CBD Oils for Dogs?

CBD oils are becoming common among most dog owners from their long list of benefits. CBD oils are obtained from the cannabis or hemp plant and are used to ensure your dog feels relaxed in case of anxiety, reduce inflammation, produce a feeling of relief, and reduce stress levels in your dog.

CBD oils for dogs achieve all these by impacting the activities in the dog's endocannabinoid system that helps regulate stress levels and appetite and control the immune system. By gaining access to this critical system in your dog, CBD oils stimulate the digestive, nervous, brain, and immune systems, making it possible to achieve high positive effects in your dog.

The endocannabinoids in a dog's system are also similar to those in a dog's body, making it easy for these oils to work positively in a dog's body.

What is CBD oil used for? How does it help ear infections?

CBD oils help with ear infections by relieving pain and discomfort and reducing ear inflammation in dogs. They come as supplemental aids after visiting your veterinarian after seeing an ear infection in your dog. CBD oils are specifically made to accommodate a wide range of uses and might help your dog in the following ways.

a) Help reduce pain

So far, the most promising research conducted on CBD oils suggests their strong capability to reduce pain in both humans and pets. It goes without saying that when your dog suffers from an ear infection, it experiences one of the worst pains since ears are delicate body parts attached to the mouth; therefore might affect the chewing process.

This explains the frequent winnings, unusual eye movements, sorrowful barking and weakness evident in a dog with an ear infection.

Since your canine companion looks up to you for help with the pain, consider administering CBD oils to help relieve this pain. CBD interacts with both CB1 and CB2 receptors in your dog's nervous system, changing the way your dog perceives pain.

In addition, CBD helps manage other symptoms that come with pain, including lack of sleep, nausea or anxiety. Use the recommended amount based on your dog's age, size, or weight to ensure your dog fully benefits from these oils.

b) Help with the allergies

Allergies are a common underlying factor leading to ear infections. Currently, allergies are rising and are becoming more challenging to treat due to their increased causes. Skin allergies also harm most dogs and may result in severe skin diseases.

CBD oils may help relieve allergies and act as a preventive measure to the spread of ear infections resulting from allergies. You may decide to use CBD oils both internally or externally to help treat allergies.

c) Help reduce stress

A sick dog is likely to experience stress and lack of sleep. To help your canine friend feel more relaxed and less stressed, consider offering CBD oils. Calm CBD oils are specifically made to ensure your dog maintains calmness and attains healthy brain functioning even in the middle of an infection.

With its organic full-spectrum hemp, Calm CBD oils help reduce stress and increase sleep in your dog, giving it more time to relax and heal from ear infections.

d) Reduce inflammatory

Infections result in inflammation in the infected areas. On top of using the inflammatory medicine administered at the veterinarian visit, consider giving your dog CBD oil to reduce inflammation. CBD oils reduce inflammation by preventing the reduction of crucial minerals such as zinc and selenium in your dog, which are essential in ensuring a balanced immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my veterinarian look for when treating an ear infection?

The standard way a veterinarian will handle your dog's sick ear is by conducting visual assessments to identify signs such as redness, discharge or swelling. These signs will help your veterinarian understand the level of your dog's ear infection.

The next step may be to examine the ear canal and eardrum to identify any extended symptoms. Your veterinarian may also gently rub against the infected areas to determine the level of pain.

Are there breeds that are more prone to ear infections than others?

Yes. Although ear infections in dogs may happen in all breeds, some are more susceptible to this disease than others. Dogs with longer and flappy ears are more likely to suffer from ear infections than those with pointy ears. The poodle and spaniel types of breeds are more affected due to the nature and shape of their ears.

Can CBD help relieve pain in dogs with ear infections?

Yes. CBD oils help dogs with ear infections by relieving pain, stress, and inflammation and improving their sleep patterns. Although you may require rushing your dog to your veterinarian upon witnessing ear infection symptoms, CBD oils also help your dog recover better and in less pain.

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