How can CBD oil make Your Dog Sleep Better

How CBD Can Help Your Dog Sleep?

The most irritating part about sleeping in the same room with your canine friend is that you will also not sleep well if they have sleep disruptions. Dogs should sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day for healthy development. If you notice that your dog sleeps for less than these hours, they may be suffering from an underlying condition that needs your attention.

Fortunately, CBD oil for dogs is here to save the day or in this case, the night. This article helps you understand CBD oil for dogs, guides you through how CBD oil can make your dog sleep better and introduces examples of CBD oils you may use to help your dog sleep better.

How CBD Oils Make Dogs Sleep Better

How CBD Oils Make Dogs Sleep Better

Do you remember when you had stress, a headache, inflammation or any other type of pain? You probably had an issue sleeping well due to the discomfort caused by these feelings.

Like you, your canine companion also feels disrupted by illnesses, allergies or stress. For instance, you may notice that your sleepless dog scratches itself vigorously, showing signs of a skin problem. Your sleepless dog may also bark more or express signs of pain or discomfort at night.

Fortunately, CBD oil for dogs offers solutions to most illnesses that rob your dog of a comfortable sleep experience, explaining why most dog owners rush to CBD oil to improve their dog’s sleep patterns. Below are the different ways CBD oil helps your dog overcome sleep disruptions.

5 Ways CBD oil can help your dog sleep better at night

You may have heard of CBD, especially with its vigorously growing popularity. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a hemp plant component with medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Unlike most other cannabis plant components, CBD does not cause psychoactive feelings in pets or humans given that it has less than 0.3% THC.

Like in humans, CBD for dogs helps relieve stress, improve sleep, strengthen joints, boost the immune system, manage pain, reduce inflammation and prevent allergies.

Since most sleep issues in dogs result from a problem with their health, CBD oil for dogs ia able to step in and fix them for a better sleep experience for your dog. Let us dig deeper into how CBD oil makes your dog sleep better.

1. Alleviating Anxiety

Anxiety is a common cause of disturbed sleep in dogs like it is in humans. Dogs experience anxiety for different reasons, including change of environment, past trauma, loud sounds or separating from their owners.

If you notice your dog constantly whining, barking, yawning, licking its lips or drooling, it may be suffering from anxiety. CBD oil for calming dogs helps your dog relax and overcome anxiety, making it easier for them to sleep. Below is a detailed explanation of CBD oil for calming dogs and where you may get this saviour oil.

CBD oil for Calming Your Dog

Yes. There is a CBD oil specifically made to calm your dog by alleviating anxiety and stress, resulting in a relaxed feeling and hence, better sleep. If you notice any signs of anxiety in your dog, do not hesitate to reach out to Honest Paws for our special CBD Oil for Dogs-Calm.

This CBD oil is an organic full-spectrum hemp that can calm your anxious dog within one hour. CBD Oil for Dogs-Calm also helps improve your dog’s behaviour and offers them cognitive support.

CBD oil for Dogs-Calm interacts with your dog’s endocannabidiol receptors to induce a soothing sensation, lessening your dog’s nervous behaviour. With this CBD oil, you can bid goodbye to all the sleepless nights you had from your dog’s frequent whining, barking and restlessness resulting in disrupted sleep patterns.

Administer CBD oil to your dog everyday to ensure they receive accumulated levels of this heavenly oil for better results. Remember, if your dog gets enough undisturbed sleep, so do you.

2. Relieving Pain

Pain is disturbing and is a major reason most dogs find it hard to secure a restful night. Your dog may feel pain from injuries, parasite bites and, most commonly from aging joints.

You may look out for signs such as difficulties sitting, jumping, walking or climbing the stairs in your dog to determine if your dog’s discomfort results from ageing joints. Painful joints or other injuries may cause problems with your dog’s sleeping patterns, explaining why you should consider administering CBD oil to your dog for stronger joints as they grow old.

What is the Best CBD Oil for Joint Enhancement?

As in humans, old age comes with its challenges for dogs too. One such challenge is joint weakness, which leads to pain, discomfort and poor sleep patterns. To relieve your dog of this pain, consider purchasing the Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs-Mobility, which helps your dog by alleviating joint pain and stiffness, resulting in a calm dog.

With this CBD oil, you will not have to worry about having a sleepless night after taking your ageing dog out for a walk. Instead, administer CBD Oil for Dogs-Mobility to ensure your dog’s joints and connective tissues remain strong and relaxed, resulting in better sleep experiences.

3. Helping with Inflammation

Your dog cannot sleep well if they have any signs of inflammation, as these can cause pain and discomfort. CBD oil is a beneficial anti-inflammatory which can be used to reduce inflammation brought on by ailments such as arthritis, muscular injuries, and joint tightness.

This product can provide respite from many issues. Reducing inflammation and pain can help your dog enjoy their sleep better. Other major culprits that are likely to cause discomfort and pain in your dog are tummy problems or stomach inflammations resulting from food poisoning, parasites or low immunity.

You may look for signs like frequent vomiting, bloody poop, weight loss, fatigue and stomach pain to determine if your dog is suffering from stomach inflammation.

In addition to seeking medical attention, most dog parents turn to CBD oils to effectively control these inflammatory bowel diseases. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory characteristics help restore homeostasis, reducing these stomach inflammations for that relaxed feeling in your dog. By restoring your dog’s health, CBD oil for dogs helps your dog sleep better.

4. Managing Seizures

Whether a twitch or uncontrollable shaking, seizures are likely to affect your dog’s sleep patterns by making it harder for the brain to transition from waking up to sleeping. Seizures may occur due to head injuries, immunization shots, dehydration, and in extreme cases, epilepsy.

While some seizures last only for a few seconds, some dogs may experience them for longer, disrupting their daily activities such as walks, playtime and sleep.

If your dog has been suffering from seizures and you suspect this is the main reason their sleep pattern feels off, consider administering them CBD oil for dogs. CBD oil is naturally used to manage seizures; the best part is this oil can be used together with other medicine without causing any harm to your dog.

5. Reducing Allergies

Reducing allergies is another way CBD oil for dogs makes dogs sleep better. Allergies are not only common in humans but also in pets. Dog allergies are triggered by environmental factors such as pollen, parasite bites, or certain foods. Allergic reactions in dogs result in discomfort, itchy and swelling skin, all of which make it hard for your canine friend to sleep well.

If you suspect your dog suffers from allergies that make it hard for them to sleep, consider administering CBD oil. CBD oil for dogs helps relieve discomfort caused by allergies by boosting your dog’s immune system and easing the pain resulting from these allergies.

Allergies also cause itchy and swollen skin, resulting in inflammation. The anti-inflammation property in CBD oil will help relieve your dog of this discomfort, resulting in improved sleep patterns.

What is the Best CBD Oil to Enhance My Dog’s Immune System?

Did you know that you can get a specific CBD oil to enhance your dog’s immune system? At Honest Paws, we understand that allergies can cause a big deal in robbing your dog’s joy and sleep and therefore introduces the Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs-Well.

This oil has properties that boost your dog’s immunity, helping them overcome allergies and other discomforts related to allergies.

In addition to allergies, poor immunity in our furry friends may result in other more serious conditions, such as high blood pressure and infections in dogs, which may also cause disrupted sleep patterns.

The good news is that CBD Oil for Dogs-Well from Honest Paws will help your dog regain their immunity by enhancing their endocannabinoid system, which controls most major systems in the body, including the immune system. CBD Oil for Dogs-Well also creates calmer moods in your dog and a healthy brain, contributing to better sleep for your dog.

Why Consider Products from Honest Paws?

It would be regretful to offer your CBD oils to fix their sleeping problem only to find out these oils are substandard or unnatural. To avoid such a situation, consider using products from Honest Paws.

This company understands every pet’s need and has provided the best, organic, full-spectrum CBD oils to match these needs. Below are additional reasons you should consider shopping for your dog’s CBD oils from Honest Paws.

  • Honest Paws’ CBD oils are 100% original and organic, ensuring your dog stays free of any side effects. They also have less than 0.3% THC concentration, meaning they cannot cause any psychoactive feelings in your dog.
  • The company has a wide range of CBD oils that will help fix different health conditions in your dog. This will save your shopping time as you will not have to move from one website to another looking for certain CBD oils for your dog.
  • All Honest Paws CBD oils are third-party tested and approved. This helps you attach more confidence in these products’ safety.
  • The company is just a click away. Finding the best place to purchase quality products is challenging and may be time consuming. We understand how bad this feels and have brought the Honest Paws website a click away from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can CBD oils help dogs sleep better?

Yes. Dog CBD oils can help your dogs have a better sleep. CBD oils work with your dog’s endocannabidiol system to create calm feelings in your dog. CBD oil helps your dog overcome anxiety and stress, resulting in better sleeping patterns.

For dogs suffering from inflammation, pain or allergies, CBD oil also helps relieve the discomfort related to these conditions, causing your dog to relax and enjoy their sleep.

2. How much CBD does it take for my dog to feel sleepy?

Understandably, you wish to have your dog react to CBD oil as fast as possible to avoid having another sleepless night. However, adhering to the recommended amount of CBD oil to administer your dog daily to is crucial.

The amount of CBD oil to give your dog depends on your dog’s age and weight, with bigger and older dogs receiving higher doses than younger and lighter dogs. Consider giving your dog the right amount of CBD oil daily for maximum accumulation of these oils’ nutrients. Your dog should be able to show improvement within the first week of CBD oil administration.

3. How can I administer CBD oil to my dog to induce sleep?

There are different ways of administering CBD oils to your dog. These include mixing it with food, giving it directly to your dog’s mouth as droplets or mixing them with your dog’s favorite treats.

For quicker reaction, you may give your dog CBD directly through their mouth, ensuring quicker digestion of this oil. However, if you find this hard, you can mix it with your dog’s food or treats. Ultimately, CBD oil will offer the same benefits regardless of the administration method.

Feel free to visit the Honest Paws website for more information on your CBD oils' prices and delivery options. Do not allow your dog to suffer anymore from sleepless nights while there is something you can do. Want to purchase quality CBD oil products for your dogs? Honest Paws is a leading brand for best quality CBD oils.

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