Tips To Add Cat CBD Oil in Grain-free Cat Food

Tips To Add Cat CBD Oil in Grain-free Cat Food

Cat parents have different tastes and preferences for their cats’ foods. Visit any grocery store and witness cat owners scan through cat food products to locate ones that are ‘free’ of one thing or another. It could be sugar-free, gluten-free or fat-free, and the list continues.

Most recently, pet parents have discovered the joy of extending their dinner table preferences to their cat food bowls by embracing matching diets, increasing the need for grain-free cat food. Like grain-free cat food, CBD oil for cats has also been gaining popularity among cat owners, given its numerous health benefits to these pets.

This article helps you understand grain-free cat food, describes cat CBD oil and offers tips to add cat CBD oil to grain-free cat food.

Grain-Free Cat Food

Grain-free cat food refers to cat food with no grains, just like the name suggests. Typically, cat food consists of grains such as wheat, corn, barley, oats and rice. When cat food consists of none of these grains, it is referred to as grain-free cat food.

Instead of having wheat or corn, grain-free cat foods contain nongrain carbohydrate sources like legumes or potatoes. The need to match the dinner table diet with the cat bowls has led to a surge in the need for grain-free cat foods.

Reasons for Choosing Grain-Free Cat Food

Every pet parent desires to offer their pets a long, fulfilling and pleasant life. Attaining this dream requires pet parents to choose the best products for their cats ranging from food to medication. Below are the common reasons why most cat parents are shifting to grain-free cat foods.

1. Fight grain allergies

Some cats develop food allergies, including grain allergies. In such cases, a pet parent may shift to grain-free cat foods to save their cats from the discomfort of food allergies. Check out for signs such as hair loss, intestinal issues, itchiness or skin scabs, as these are the significant symptoms of food allergies in cats.

2. Match their dinner diet with their pets’

Pet parents want to offer their pets the same life’s goodness as they do for themselves. This desire has led to an increased desire in cat owners to match their dinner diets with their cat’s diets, leading to an increase in demand for grain-free cat foods. They are also adopting more vegetables and foods high in proteins and low in carbs for their cats.

3. Offer Health Benefits

After the rise in low-carb diets during the 2000s, the pet industry also felt compelled to produce foods with low-carb concentrations. People believed that the same way low carb concentration offered health benefits to them, the same way it would benefit their pets.

Since grains act as fillers in cat foods, people started looking for grain-free cat foods containing fewer carbs and more proteins.

4. Reduce gluten intake in their cats

Most cat owners prefer feeding their cats gluten-free foods. Giving cats grain-free foods is a sure way of ensuring your cat consumes gluten-free foods since gluten is a grain component.

CBD Oil for Cats

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is extracted from a 100% organically grown hemp plant. CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC, which causes proactive feelings in other cannabis Sativa extracts. With such a low concentration, you do not have to worry about your dog getting addicted to this oil.

CBD oil for senior cats has been gaining popularity in the current world due to its numerous benefits. CBD oil for cats, for instance, may help reduce inflammation and pain, help cats with itchy skin, reduce anxiety in high-anxiety cats, and strengthen joints in cats with mobility issues.

To ensure cats receive all these benefits, cat parents have devised ways of administering CDB oil to their cats. The most common method is to mix CBD oil with cat food, either wet or dry foods.

Below are tips if you decide to mix your cat's CBD with grain-free cat food.

Tips for Adding CBD oil to Grain-Free Food for Cats

Since cats are selective about what they consume, cat owners must be extra creative in administering daily CBD oil to their cats for maximum benefits. One of the most common ways of administering cat CBD oil is mixing it with cat food.

If you prefer feeding your cat with grain-free cat food, you may still mix your cat’s CBD oil with this food for easy administration. Below are tips you can follow.

1. Empty and clean your cat’s food bowl

Cats are selective creatures, especially regarding what they are getting into their bodies. Emptying and adequately cleaning your cat's bowl helps avoid any previous smells that may prevent your cat from consuming CBD oil and grain-free cat food mixture.

2. Ensure you properly mix CBD oil and your cat’s grain-free food

Cats are more likely to sniff their food before eating and unlike dogs, if they do not like the smell, they may decline the food. Although some cats love the taste of the oil, some may find it unfamiliar, especially when it is their first time.

To ensure Cat CBD oil mixes entirely with the grain-free cat food, mix the two in your cat's bowl and vigorously stir to ensure a complete blend.

3. Use wet grain-free foods

Although it depends on your favorite cat food, you may consider using wet grain-free foods as they work better with CBD oil. Unlike dry grain-free foods, wet grain-free foods offer a better medium for a perfect blend between your cat’s CBD oil and the food by absorbing the oil, leaving no trace.

However, if your cat loves the taste of the oil, you may use dry grain-free foods to administer CBD oil.

4. Give your cat CBD oil on an empty stomach

CBD oil for cats is absorbed by the cat’s body better if it lands on an empty stomach. To achieve this, you may offer your cat a small amount of its favorite grain-free food mixed with the day’s required CBD oil dosage to ensure the oil falls on an empty stomach for better absorption. You may then add more grain-free cat food until your cat is full.

5. Ensure you use the proper dosage

Consider understanding your cat's daily dosage before adding cat CBD oil to grain-free cat food. This will help you offer the proper dosage and avoid overusing the product.

Although CBD oil for cats may not harm your cat if administered in excess, there is no need to over-administer it since your cat’s body will absorb the required amount and release the rest as waste.

Other Ways of Administering Cat CBD Oil

Cats are more aware of what they consume and may require you to try different ways of CBD oil administration and stick to the best method for your cat. Apart from administering CBD oil by mixing it with food, consider using the below methods.

1. Directly using the dropper

Most cats are insanely curious and this nature helps cat owners easily use this method to administer CBD oils to their cats. Hold the dropper having measured the required dosage for your cat and let them lick the end as you press on the dropper.

This is an effective way of administering CBD oil to your cat as it goes directly into the bloodstream through the mucous glands in your cat’s mouth.

2. Include CBD in treats for your cats

All pets love a surprise or well-deserved treats. You may use your cat's love for treats to your advantage by spreading your cat's CBD oil on their favorite treats.

This will ensure your cat consumes CBD oil without much hassle. You may use this method when your cat is hungry to ensure the CBD oil fall on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

3. Place CBD oil into your cat’s empty food bowl

Cats are creatures of habit and know that anything added to their food bowls is to be consumed. With this, your cat will likely lick their CBD oil even if you add it without mixing it with food.

However, for some, the taste of oil may not be the best of their feeding experience. If yours is such kind, consider using other methods to administer CBD oil to them.

4. Apply CBD oil to their paws

This is a sneaky yet convenient way of administering CBD oil to your cat. If all the other methods fail, consider applying CBD oil to your cat's paws. Cats regularly lick their paws as a hygiene routine.

After applying oil to your cat's paw, it will most likely run off to lick the paw to clean off the oil and unknowingly consume the CBD oil. Although this may get messy, it may work if all other methods fail.

Frequently Asked Question

What are grain-free cat foods?

These are cat foods that do not contain any grains. Most cat parents prefer using these foods for their cats for health benefits, to match their diet with their cats, and to overcome grain-related allergies in their cats.

Can I blend CBD oil with grain-free food for cats?

Yes. Mixing CBD oil with cat food is a major CBD oil administration method and can help your cat absorb the oil easily. If you prefer feeding your cat with grain-free cat food, feel free to mix CBD oil for your cat with these foods.

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